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Selling under the influence of kids

Abby Raymond-Dow

Come on, admit it: You started watching those DIY home selling and staging TV shows the minute you made the...

3 tips to make buying a home less stressful

Abby Raymond-Dow

Buying your first home is exciting. At first. If you’re like most, at some point the anxiety creeps in. Itâ€...

How to hire a roofer

Abby Raymond-Dow

Expensive? Yes. A huge job? Definitely. Applying a new roof is one massive undertaking and, unless you install...

Top 5 ways to lose money on your home sale

Abby Raymond-Dow

It doesn’t take much to turn off buyers. Right now, however, there are so many in the market, clamoring for....

2021 Floor covering trends

Abby Raymond-Dow

If you read through home listing descriptions, several things stand out: stainless steel appliances, granite c...

10 must-read tips to get your home ready for the inspection

Abby Raymond-Dow

You have only one chance to impress the home inspector. Of course, you can’t possibly know everything that m...

Selling your home? Get ready for the legal paperwork

Abby Raymond-Dow

The home selling process is unlike any other. Sell a car and pretty much all you do is hand over...

Feel like you live in a glass house? There’s a cure for that

Abby Raymond-Dow

Love your home but feel like your neighbors are so close they practically live with you? When you find yoursel...

Tasks most homeowners neglect when getting the house ready to sell

Abby Raymond-Dow

Preparing a home for the market is a lot like trying to get a sip of water from an open...


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